Instagram Marks Its 13th Birthday with Exciting Gen Z-Focused Features

Instagram, which almost everyone in our generation, including Gen Z and those trying to be trendy, loves to use, is set to become even more exciting. It’s like the go-to app for us! They know it, and they’re making it even cooler for us Gen Z folks. So, during a cool session at Meta’s Gurugram office, Instagram celebrated its 13th birthday on October 6th by sharing some awesome news.

They spilled the beans on four fresh features that they believe will make us Gen Z users super happy. These features are:

  1. Birthday Fun: Now, you can have even more fun on your special day with Instagram. They’re bringing in something cool to celebrate your birthday in style!
  2. Audio Notes: Talking just got cooler. You’ll be able to send audio notes instead of typing everything out. It’s like having a mini voice message.
  3. Selfie Video Notes: Want to show how you feel with your face? Now, you can send quick video notes that are all about you and your expressions.
  4. Multiple Lists in Stories: Making lists and sharing them in your stories is going to be a piece of cake. You can share more of what you like with your friends.

Instagram is going to test these features soon, and they’re doing it all for us, the Gen Z gang! So get ready for some more fun on your favorite app!